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Mother's Day Ceramic Plate

I've given my mother many many mother's day gifts over the years. She got things like perfume, clothes, jewellery and of course mother's day cards.

Last week I asked her what she wanted this year and she took me to her closet to show me a box of her mementos. It was full of things my siblings and I gave her over the years. None of perfumes, jewellery or clothes made it into her treasure box. Instead, it was filled to the brim with handmade crafts, cards and doodles we made as children. There were handmade gifts I made her 15 years ago!

That made me think. None of the store bought stuff meant anything to her. All she ever wanted was a sentimental gift that we made especially for her.

This is where our new workshop comes in! I've put together a fun kids night out, a week before mother's day, for kids to come in and create their own addition to your treasure box. We will play games, paint and have lots of fun making a special gift for mom.

If you're interested in signing your kids up visit.

Ceramic plate painted with oranges, reds, greens, and yellows. The border of the plate is done in lines and boxes of yellow, orange, green. The centre of the plate shows a large boquet of flowers with a bright red polkadotted bow around the stems. The flowers themselves are dots of orange, red, yellow.


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