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How to go on dates when you have kids

Its Friday evening, you and your partner have hardly seen each other during the workweek and now just when you think you can spend some time together, the kids come back from school. What are your options? Are you going to look for and hire a babysitter? Or are you going to find a family member to take care of them? Some of us experience frustration over the lack of quality time with our significant other, but I think it's fair to say that most of us also experience some form of guilt for wanting to be alone without the kids. You could easily fall into the selfless trap so many of us fall in, or you could think of a creative alternative, where everyone is having a wonderful Friday.

Why not drop off your kids at Art Haven for an evening full of fun, art & pizza? That way you get the Friday evening you deserve, and the kids are taken care of. No more guilty dates. No more teenage babysitters. No more stressful Friday nights!

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