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Canvas Painting

We don’t just offer ceramic painting! If you would like to give canvas painting a go through self approach, we have 2 sizes that you can choose from.


All the paints, brushes and a written guide to the painting are provided, as well as carbon paper to pre-trace your fabulous design!


You can take your masterpiece home with you as soon as you’re done with it.


DIY 12X12 Canvas $28+tax

DIY 16X20 Canvas $32+tax


Please note: Painting Workshops with a private instructor for groups of 8 or more are available for booking. 

We accept both walk-ins and reservations!

On our busy days (weekends, holidays, school breaks, etc) it is best to reserve in advance as we cannot guarentee room willl be available for walk-ins.


Choose your size


Choose your colours


Design your piece


Take it home on the same day

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