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Local Artist Spotlight

Welcome to our Local Artist Spotligh where creativity thrives and local talent shines! Each month, we proudly showcase a standout artist from our vibrant community, giving them a well-deserved spotlight to dazzle and inspire. Join us in celebrating the diverse and imaginative voices that make our neighborhood a true artistic haven. Explore, engage, and be inspired by the magic of our local artist of the month at Art Haven Kanata!

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May 2024

krafts by kelly.jpg

Krafts by Kelly


June 2024

krafts by kelly.jpg

Dolicella Treats

July 2024

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To Be Announced ...

Stay tunned!


Dolicella treats

Dolicella Treats offers a variety of baked goods. They specialize in themed cupcakes and cookies. The wonderful Raffaela (Owner and Artist) has given amazing workshops here at Art Haven Kanata. In these interactive workshops, you will get to dive into the delicious world of cupcakes, learning the history behind these tasty treats and mastering the basics of cupcake making and decorating.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 152856_edited.jpg

Getting to know you...

What is your Favorite Quote?

“Friends give gifts, but great friends give cupcakes”


Do you have a favorite piece you’ve worked on?

A Giant Cupcake!


What is your greatest achievement, what are you most proud of?

My greatest achievement was being asked to make gingerbread cookies for a movie on the Oprah Network and they made it into the film

krafts by kelly.jpg

Krafts by Kelly

Krafts by Kelly is a local crafting company which makes everything you need to make your table beautiful: quilted placemats, table runners, napkins and table clothes. Everything is hand made with high quality cottons in unique fabrics.


82 Prince Albert Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Ontario

(613) 255-8242

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