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Creative kids, quality family time and scrapbooking: 5 Tips for Starting a Scrapbook with Your Kids

Creating a scrapbook of memories with your kids is a wonderful way to preserve special moments and create lasting memories together. Not only is it a fun and creative activity, but it also allows you to document important milestones and cherish them for years to come.

A mother and son sitting at table working on a scrapbook page together. The son is explaining his ideas to his smiling mother.

Scrapbooking with your kids is not just a fun and creative activity, but also a wonderful way to spend quality time together. As you work on the scrapbook, you can engage in meaningful conversations and bond over shared memories. Encouraging your children to explore different modes of creativity and expression can help them develop new skills and discover more about themselves. Additionally, the process of looking back on past experiences through scrapbooking can allow them to appreciate and reminisce about the special moments in their lives. This reflective practice can also help them process their emotions and learn to be grateful for the positive experiences they have had. By engaging in this activity regularly, you are not only creating lasting memories but also teaching your kids the importance of self-care and gratitude.

From my point of view

To spend some quality time with my kiddos (6 and 9 year old boys) - I like to engage them in some creative activities. One of the activities I've worked on with them, that I was surprised to discover that they loved - was Scrapbooking! My motivation for starting this project on a couple of Saturdays a month - came from a cool project I had to do for school when I was in grade 7 or 8. The teacher had us create a "duotang" or binder filled with a certain number of "pages" that would include pictures and written descriptions of some of our past memories. The teacher included prompts for the pages, such as;

  • My biggest accomplishment

  • My favorite holiday memory

  • My family

  • Etc.

The main Title (and essentially the Goal) of this project was called "I want to be me!"

I have such fond memories on creating that project, and seeing the projects of some of my classmates. I wanted to instill in my kids that same sense of pride, that we as intermediate students, were meant to gain from working on this project. I want them to be proud of who and how they are.

Our process

  • Well, my boys and I do a couple of pages at a time on some weekends and I adore watching them think about what pictures (from my cell phone/camera) they want to choose, as well as hearing their explanation as to why/how that was meaningful to them.

  • I then quickly go on my computer to put all their chosen images for that day in a word document, and resize them so that I don't waste printer paper or ink.

  • I cut out the pictures for them because they are still so young, and my boys in particular get frustrated with finicky things such as cutting along a straight line and not loosing pieces of the photos. (*note: there is a time and place for me to encourage them to deal with their frustrations and learn coping skills - BUT - craft time where I want them to be relaxed and enjoy the process is Not one of those times).

  • Then we get to the fun part! Creating the page! We simply use a blank printer paper to put into their "binder" (and each page goes inside a page protector. I purchase these page protectors from the Dollar Tree, and usually put two pages inside one protector, each facing outwards). My kids love this part because they enjoy thinking about themes for the page, before they begin choosing the stickers or drawing on it. I also ask them to write one sentence about the theme or the memory(ies) they decided on (...this gets them to practice their academic skill of English grammar and writing - but: Shhhhhh! Don't tell them that! lol.)

  • Stickers come last for us, but they really help to give the page personality!

You can do this sort of project with your family however you feel will enhance your experience and enjoyment. I like to think that it should be less about the final outcome, and more about the process and enjoying the moment getting to know what jives with your kiddos. But - to each his own. There are no rules, just have fun!


Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Choose a Theme:

Before you begin, decide on a theme for your pages. This could be based on a specific event, such as a family vacation or holiday, or it could be more general, focusing on everyday moments and activities. Having a theme will help guide your design choices and keep your scrapbook cohesive.

2. Gather Supplies: To have fun and experience calmness, it's a good idea to procure/buy/create some supplies before hand. Supplies like patterned paper, stickers, markers, washi tape, and embellishments, printer paper, printer ink, etc.) Make sure to involve your kids in the process of choosing supplies, as this will make them feel more invested in the project.

3. Juicy Tip: Get your kids excited about scrapbooking by letting them choose a theme for each page or project. Whether it's a favorite vacation, a special birthday party, or a fun family outing, giving them the creative freedom to pick a theme will make the process more engaging and personal for them. This way, they'll be more invested in the project and eager to share their own memories and stories through their unique perspective.

By letting them choose photos, write captions, and decorate pages, the scrapbook will be more personal and also create special bonding moments with your children.

4. Capture Memories: Be sure to include a mix of photos, mementos, and written memories in your scrapbook. You can also add journal entries, drawings, and quotes to make the pages more meaningful. Encourage your kids to write about their thoughts and feelings to create a truly unique keepsake.

5. Don't try to overcommit to too many pages in one day: To make sure you and kids stay calm and enjoy the process, plan on doing only a few pages per sitting. I'm not sure about your kids, but mine have a short attention span! I don't want them to feel like this is a chore, or to feel obligated to keep going if they want to play or do something else. I want them to "want to" participate in this type of project. I mean, time is usually always a factor in our busy family lives, so adjust according to your rhythm.

Keep them short and to-the-point. Decide how often you want to engage in this sort of activity, and be realistic about it. Think you or your kiddos can tolerate focusing on something for an hour, or maybe only half and hour, ... maybe longer? No pressures, stick to it (tip: you can set a timer on your phone to let you know when the time frame you've chosen is about to come up).

Creating a scrapbook of memories with your kids is a creative and rewarding experience that will be cherished for years to come. It is fun to see how your creative kids, quality family time and scrapbooking can enhance relationships in our families! By sharing these tips and strategies, I hope that you (and your family) can create a beautiful keepsake that captures the magic of childhood and the special moments you've shared together.

"The best thing you can spend on your children, is time." - Arnold Glasow -


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