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5 Things to do as a family for March Break in Barrhaven

March Break is upon us! The kids are home and no one knows what to do with them. If you have run out of ideas, let me help you explore your local options.

5) Canada Science and Technology Museum

As an avid museum goer I had the privilege of attending the grand re-opening of the Canada Science and Technology Museum. It was something else! From interactive exhibits to funky vintage tech, there was enough entertainment for hours worth of fun. Families enjoy a fantastic discount and all ages are welcome.

4) Barrhaven Cineplex

Cineplex regularly offer holiday deals and frequently hosts events suitable for the younger visitor. For this March break, Cineplex is showing family favourite movies at family friendly prices!

3) Indigo Barrhaven

Indigo is a much loved local book store that offers more than just books. They offer many fun clubs and activities for the family that likes to read.

2) My Gym Ottawa

This is for the active family! If you have little ones with more energy than you can handle, why not give My Gym a try? They have fun classes and even parties that kids of all ages can enjoy.

1) Art Haven

If you want to make this March break a memorable one then why not try something unique and creative? We are knows for our ceramic painting studio but we offer much more than that! We have family friendly painting classes, after school clubs, art camps, birthday parties and even bubble tea. You can just walk in anytime and create your own masterpieces.


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