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Barrhaven Summer Camp

Its hot. The kids are home and you need to find a way to entertain them. They’ve read all the books they wanted to read, watched all the shows they care for, and now they are demanding entertainment. Panic sets in, you can’t take the summer off work and there isn’t a relative left who can take them off your hands.

This is where we come in.

Your little ones can join us for endless fun, creativity and most importantly, make this a summer to remember. We will paint, sculpt, craft and play many fun games. To make it interesting, we have even divided the summer into 9 themes, each distinctly different from the others.

The kids can join for the whole summer, one week, or even just a day. It all depends on your schedule.

We will write more about our Summer Camp in the coming weeks, and answer all your questions.

You can book a spot here.


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