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About Art Haven Kanata

A photo of the outside building of Art Haven Kanata. The storefront is a one-story orange, brown and black brick facade, with the Art Haven logo as a large traditional ceramic pot in orange and red with white text that says "Art Haven - Create. Play. Lounge". There are large store windows that show shelves of blank pottery to paint. The unit number is 124. There is advertising on the outside windows for Drop-ins, Private parties, Workshops, programs, and bubble tea. The neon sign in one of the large windows by the door says "Open".

Art Haven is locally owned and operated by your friendly neighbors, proudly serving the Kanata community. We welcome people of all ages to come and enjoy the experience of ceramic painting. It is a great place to relax, socialize and have fun with your friends and family, while enjoying our wide range of services and artistic offerings, as well our Cafe Menu which includes bubble tea, snacks, beer and wine selections. Create unique and personalized items for yourself or loved ones.


We also host workshops and special events for everyone from kids to adults. We also offer birthday party bookings, bridal shower parties, corporate staff retreat artistic facilitation, and more!


All walk-ins and private room bookings are welcomed. Have fun, and paint however you like, walk-in customers welcome!


  • The Art Haven Brand was Established in 2006.

  • The current Kanata location was open under our current owner on July 6th 2019.

Image a mural on a white wall inside of Art Haven Kanata. Features a large logo icon (orange and red and white traditional ceramic style pot) with words that left align and are in all capital letters that say "Made in Art Haven"


At Art Haven Kanta, we believe in creating a welcoming space where individuals of all ages, backgrounds, families, and groups can come together to embark on a transformative journey of artistic expression and creation. Our mission is to foster a sense of community and connection through the power of art, providing a platform for individuals to explore their creativity, discover their unique voices, and unleash their inner artists. We strive to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages collaboration, inspiration, and personal growth. Join us as we celebrate diversity, embrace individuality, and embark on a shared adventure of self-discovery through art.


Art Haven Kanata envisions a vibrant and inclusive community hub where creativity thrives, connections are forged, and artistic expression knows no bounds. We aspire to be a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, providing a welcoming sanctuary where individuals of all backgrounds can unleash their inner artists, explore new horizons, and cultivate a sense of belonging. Through our passion for art and commitment to fostering collaboration and growth, we aim to ignite a spark of creativity in every soul that walks through our doors, transforming lives and shaping a more colorful, diverse, and connected world.

A picture of one of the walls inside Art Haven. There are two orange padded benches with high backs on either side of a table, with wire yellow, pink and orange chairs around it. The wall behind the table and chairs contains 4 rows of ceramic painted mugs demonstrating the colours that the paint the customers use will turn out after the ceramic is put in the kiln to set the painting. Underneath each mug is a number correspoinding with the pot of paint to use in store to achieve that specific colour. The title on the wall above the rows of mugs (nine mugs accross, and four down) says "Glaze Colour Chart".

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the dedicated team behind the scenes at Art Haven Kanata! From our friendly baristas crafting your favorite beverages to the event coordinators assisting with bookings, and our knowledgeable staff helping you find exactly what you need, our team is here to make your experience unforgettable. Get to know the faces that bring creativity to life and look forward to a warm welcome during your visit. Discover the passion and expertise that drive our team at Art Haven Kanata.

" Jump and grow wings on the way down "~ Author unknown ~

"We don‘t make mistakes,just happy little accidents.”~ Bob Ross ~

" The more grateful I am,the more beauty I see. "~ Author unknown ~

" Idk, I just work here "~ Author unknown ~

" A true artist is not one who is inspired.But one who inspires others. "~ Salvador Dali ~

" Praise the sun "~ Author unknown ~

"Windmill, windmillfor the land Turnforever hand in hand"~ *song lyrics* ~

Little mascot character of a traditional ceramic pot in oranges and yellow that is characterized with gentle eyes, and a smile
Another Little mascot character of a traditional ceramic pot in oranges and yellow that is characterized with gentle eyes, an
Inspirational quote on a pastel yellow, blue, pink background that says: Wise Words:Aspire to inspire before we expire"
Hands Up

We Support

Boys and girls club of Ottawa logo in lime green that looks like two stick figure X shaped people overlapping and slightly askew, with the text in black below "Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa - A good place to be"
Capital Pride logo, which has a multicolored rainbow background with horizontal colours, and the logo text itself has a tiny image of the centre block of parliament hill in Ottawa outline as the letter "i" for "Fierty dans la - Capitale - Pride"
Toy Mountain logo, all imagery is in the traingular form of a christmas tree. There are also gift boxes in yellow and blue, an a toy plane, a toy teddy bear, and a christmas tree with yellow bobbles on it and a star up top. The words "Toy Mountain" are also in the imagery.
Crayoloa Recycle project logo which contains the recyle symbol of three arrows around a circular centre, in this image the arrows are pink, green and blue, and the circle in the centre is the yellow background crayola logo. At the bottomn of the page there are drawing supplies in containers standing up. The words on this image say "Learn how you can help save the planet with Crayola Colorcycle".
The Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario logo which contains purple lettering "CHEO Foundation, Fondation" and has a cartoon looking beige teddy bear who is open arms and wearing a blue bowtie
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