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Corporate or Team Building Events

Why choose painting for your next team building event?

  • Corporate painting sessions, bring your team together in a fun and creative way.

  • Painting allows each team member to take home a tangible memento of a their time together.

  • Painting together evokes a sense of pride and accomplishment in having completed a creative piece of art.

Let the instructors of Art Haven Kanata take your staff on a creative whirlwind and fill them with energy, exciement and enthusiasm!  


Paint & Sip

An instructor led acrylic painting lesson on a canvas or tote bag! Many options to choose from, including seasonal!


Mug Madness

Each guest will fill out a brief questionairre.  Everyone will paint a mug for another person. The twist? Nobody knows who they're painting for!


Mystery Painting

An instructor led acrylic painting lesson on a canvas or tote bag! The twist? You won't know what you're painting until your project is complete! The suspense!


Musical Chairs

A clever creative twist on your favorite childhood game! An instructor will guide you through your painting. When the music stops, hop into the seat next door to continue painting on THAT canvas! What a laugh! 

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Doodle Dishes

Freestyle your way through a variety of plates, bowls and mugs! This is a great activity for a laid back event!

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